Control over bank account in European bank

If you are Russian citizen, an entrepreneur or a legal entity, opened an account in a foreign bank, abroad, then, of course, the question arises - how to manage such an account.

Managing an account in a European bank should not contradict the legislation of our country. The following control options exist:

• Account management can occur via computer networks, the Internet (for this, an account is assigned an IBAN number of the format that meets EU standards at the international level).

• In the bank, as a rule, there is a service with a multi-channel telephone line, help system and operators. Works around the clock. With this feature, the client can usually find out the size of the account balance.

• When opening an account, the client informs the bank of his e-mail address. Then he can manage the account via e-mail.

• You can carry out operations using the Mobile Bank (M-Bank) program.

• Banks also use telex, fax.

Remote banking has been widely used. With it, banking services are provided to the client remotely. At the same time, the client receives the banking service he needs by issuing an order. In Europe, various banks use different terms for remote banking services, often overlapping, but their essence remains the same. Remote account management in a European bank is carried out through the use of computer and telephone networks.

What operations can be performed using the remote account control?

• Deposit funds into the account. As a rule, the replenishment of the bank account takes place on the next business day.

• To withdraw money in cash, you must submit a payment order (this operation is also available remotely).

• Funds are transferred via online banking (an order is filled in via a bank form).

• An account can be blocked by a bank customer.

• Through the online system you can receive account statements, search for paid transactions.

All operations carried out via the Internet have a high degree of security (password protection, identification, electronic signature). In addition to all this, the transmitted data is also encrypted.

Modern technologies make the management of an account in a European bank convenient and designed to attract more customers.