Dubai Development Plan after World Expo 2020

In 2013, Dubai won the right to hold a very prestigious international exhibition World Expo, which will be held in 2020. This major international event will lead to rapid development of the city economy, tourism and hotel industry, and will further strengthen the reputation of Dubai as a world center of great opportunities. Emirates are the first country in the Middle East, which received the right to organize Expo. The slogan of the future exhibition: "Connecting minds, creating a future". Given that in 2012, the emirate was visited by 10 million people, and 7.9 million came only in the first 9 months of 2013, it allows experts to predict the attraction to Dubai of about 25 million guests in six months, and the city's economy will be replenished with an impressive amount of 23 billion dollars. The exhibition will affect the economy of Dubai, and the tourism and hotel segments will be the most profitable.

The exhibition is a meeting place for ideas and technologies and serves as a platform for economic, social and environmental development.

Experts who predict that the World Expo 2020 will bring in the economy of Dubai $ 23 billion, estimated that it would be 24.4% of GDP and make 277,000 work places.

The Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE spoke about the plan, what will Dubai be after the World Expo:

- one of the centers of the world economy

- an innovative and effective government

- equitable society - a city that is attractive to life.

The government is pleased with the high forecasts of nailed and development of the city, but first and foremost the main goal is the care and well-being of the people.