How to open an account in a European bank

Along with Russian banks, in our country, banks of other countries operate. However, deposits in such banks have the same high risks as in domestic ones. Opening an account is worth doing only abroad. Safety of funds is guaranteed. The depositor of a European bank can become a citizen of the Russian Federation or an entrepreneur.

Consider all the advantages of opening an account abroad. Opening an account in a European bank is prestigious and profitable. The personal data of the bank customer is strictly confidential.

European banks, as well as Russian ones, differ in the degree of reliability and size of bank interest, the ability to replenish an account with funds, and the terms of a deposit. When choosing a country, it is necessary to find out whether the local bank accepts deposits from foreign citizens.

Reliability is undoubtedly a feature of Swiss banks. The problem is that the deposit rate here is significantly high, more than in other European banks. In Swiss banks, there are restrictions on operations on deposits.

Many Russian citizens who work not only in Russia prefer reliable banks, to which Austrian and German can be safely attributed. In these banks there is a high probability of opening an account for a foreign client.

Opening an account in a European bank excludes the maintenance of settlement and cash services. Only the Baltic banking institutions can help here, their distinguishing feature is also the maintenance of customer service in Russian, which can be a plus.

Opening an account in a European bank involves: submitting an application, providing a copy of a passport and written recommendations from other banks. However, it is worth noting that each country has its own rules on client authentication, respectively, its own list of documents provided. It is mandatory to provide a foreign passport and fill out a questionnaire (in each branch of the bank it has its own). This, of course, is far from the entire list of documents required for opening an account abroad.

The term for opening an account is usually one month. There are banks in which the opening of an account occurs within one working day. Then a person becomes a full-fledged depositor of a prestigious European bank.