Opening of offshore in the UAE

In the Middle East in a federal state, the United Arab Emirates, Russian citizens prefer to open their business, because in this country with a developed economy there are low taxes. Opening an offshore company in the UAE allows you to legally conduct your business abroad, with easier reporting of business, allows you to transfer the company's capital to this country.

A distinctive feature of offshore in the UAE is high prestige, good reputation on the one hand, and low tax rates on the other. That is why foreign businessmen give greater preference to this state.

In the United Arab Emirates, a calm political atmosphere.

Opening an offshore in the UAE is possible only if the company has an impeccable reputation and has long been working in the financial industry. Here, only reliable banks and many entrepreneurs dream of becoming their customers. And on the programs related to the development and support of business, the state has been working all the time.

A prerequisite for starting a business in the UAE is opening an offshore account. A company operating in the international market can open an account not only in the UAE, but also in a foreign bank. Choose the bank to open an offshore account, you should not own. It is best to contact the experts, for example, a consulting firm. The choice of such a bank is quite a complicated procedure.

The procedure for opening an offshore is quite simple. Documents are submitted that differ according to the type of shareholders, natural or legal individuals. The cost of registering a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur is the same. Just for legal individuals there are additional costs associated with the preparation of documents of a corporate shareholder.

List of documents for opening an offshore individual shareholder:

• passport copy;

• invoice payment of utility bills of property in the country of residence;

• CVs with work experience;

• letter from the bank;

• name of the organization.