Anyone can open a bank account in the UAE. You must personally be present at the bank and for this you will need an application and documents that you will sign personally in the presence of a bank employee. To apply for an account, you must submit the original documents and a valid foreign passport. Non-residents of the country often face with difficulties and increased attention from the bank. This means that in most situations you can only open a saving account and you can not have a checkbook, but you will have a debit card at your disposal.

Having a bank account in the UAE you:

- get a free international debit card,
- current or savings account in the UAE (currency - Dirham)
- the interest rate on the balance on the account,
- 24-hour access to your account, through a fixed or mobile phone and online banking,
- access to the network of branches and ATMs and payment mechanisms - telephone, Dewa, Salik, fines and other bills.

Thus, the preparation of documents for the opening of accounts should be approached particularly carefully. Our company offers a full range of services for opening bank accounts in the UAE for legal entities and individuals, residents and non-residents of the Emirates. Our specialists will advise you bank and help you to prepare the package of documents that is suitable for your purposes.