Establishing business in the UAE is an excellent opportunity for development, given the fact that there is no taxation. One of the most popular methods of establishing companies in the UAE, particulary in Dubai, are local companies. This process is not as complex as it might initially seem, and gives a lot of privileges to investors. Firstly, the registration period of the company takes 7-14 days from the date of submission of documents. Secondly, it does not require minimum investment, and a foreign investor gets much more advantages than registration a company in a free economic zone.

1. Opening a company in Dubai is a pledge of your prestige in the UAE, which is an essential factor in business when communicating with counterparties and banks.

2. In a short time you have the opportunity to obtain a legal right to own a license to conduct business both on the UAE's domestic markets and outside them.

3. Established company in Dubai gives the right to non-residents to issue real estate in those zones of the UAE, where it is not allowed to buy non-residents without companies, often with much lower price.

It is necessary to register a local company:

1. If you want to participate in national tenders

2. You want to work with affiliates

3. You provide retail services and your presence is needed in different parts of the UAE

4. An open local company gives you the right to open local corporate bank accounts

5. The investor easily receives an open resident visa UAE.