The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is an international organization, the largest mechanism that invests mainly in private enterprises, but also engages in project financing of banks, enterprises and firms, invests in new production and the already existing company. In addition, it cooperates with state companies to support privatization and structural reorganization.

The main forms of direct financing from the European Bank are loans, investments in shares and guarantees.

The EBRD is not a retail bank and in order to obtain a loan from this institution, the project must meet many criteria:

- Respond to the interests of the country's economy;

- comply with environmental requirements; have a high chance of profit;

- realized in one country, which is part of the European Bank.

The European Bank does not finance the following projects:

- activity, which is related to defense;

- tabacco production;

- production of substances prohibited by international legal acts;

- game establishments on their own balance;

- projects that are harmful to the environment.

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