ConsultingPro Company is the leader in rendering services of complex consulting on crypto-currencies and provision of services in the field of blockchain and crypto-currency technologies.

How can we help you:

1. We accompany projects and provide legal consulting services for crypto-currencies and lock-ups, as well as ICO projects at all stages of their activities.

2. Financial consultations on maintenance of registration of assets, processing, mining.

3. We develop white paper for ICO - we prepare a complete description of the new project, help with the writing of original unique texts, translate into any foreign language.

4. Consultations of the technical side - we draw up technical tasks, select technical specialists and create the technical base of your project from scratch.

5.Marketing services - we develop the plan for strategic promotion of your project, prepare promotional materials, including marketing for ICO.

6. Consultations on general issues - we can help to enter into the market of the project, prepare a list of possible ways for business development, we accompany the purchase of necessary equipment.

ConsultingPro is professional company in the field of business consulting, we do our best to lead a ready project, where all the necessary organizational issues are debugged. We help our clients find new ways of promotion in business with crypto-currencies and blockchain technology.