Holding is a firm or a joint-stock company that owns a part or all of the shares (in most cases, a controlling interest) of other companies under its control and controls their activities. The main function of the holding is to manage the companies, structuring the work of the units, as well as minimizing taxation.

Today, holdings are the best structural option for large companies, since they cover a wider client audience, and combining the activities of all organizations in the holding, provide a wider range of products and services. And since there is a high level of competition in the market, uniting different branches of companies and commercial niches, which in most cases are located in different regions or countries, they have an excellent opportunity for more extensive activity and, accordingly, higher profit and productivity.

Why holdings with a management center in the UAE - the best option for your business

Firstly, the UAE is one of the most successful countries with a loyal legislative base. Since they have agreements with most countries of the world to avoid double taxation, the holding management center in the Emirates makes available legal ways to optimize the taxation of your business and minimizes risks when using tax optimization schemes.

Secondly, while the management of the holding company is located in the UAE, subsidiaries in other countries pay taxes at preferential rates, which protects your company at the international level and optimizes the taxation system. Depending on the purpose and scope of the company, be it real estate, international services or trade operations, there are different options for building holdings structures.