ConsultingPro provides individual selection services for efficient operation in any jurisdiction. You can conduct your business on behalf of the leased company.

In which cases people apply for a leasing companies:

1. Seasonality of your business or one-time delivery of goods. In this case there is no sense in registering the company, hiring a director and chief accountant and maintaining the company for a year.

2. Conclusion of an urgent profitable contract, where you need a company with a history of activities from a year, two years, etc.

3. You are a beginner entrepreneur or a new niche. So, renting a company you want to try yourself in the role of a businessman at all or "try on" a new kind of business for yourself.

Advantages of renting company:

1. Cheaper and more convenient than registering and developing the company from scratch. You get a ready-made business with a staff of professionals and a history of working in the market.

2. You have access to a settlement account, a database of contracts and accounting support.

3. You can work under your own brand, expanding and forming a personal database of customers.

4.You are exempt from unnecessary costs.

Contact ConsultingPro for additional information and our professionals help you with the best decision and selection of the best option for you.